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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide an excellent Christian education that is designed to nurture, educate, and impact our students.


One of the first things you will notice at LACS is the postive & caring environment. This is a reflection of our commitment to nuture our students by providing the best possible atmosphere.

In order to educate, we offer an outstanding educational program using the Abeka Curriculum. We are thrilled to offered a curriculum that is comprehensive, structured, and challenging.

We aim to impact and change these kids lives by offering them an affordable opportunity at a Christian institution. In turn, these kids impact our community in more ways than we could possibly imagine.

Since we believe that a Christian education should be available for families of all economic levels we have changed from a traditional private school model (tuition fees are continually raised to cover operational cost increases) to a mission based model (fund raising long-term sustainable funds to cover operational cost increases).  To reach this goal, our mission is supported by extensive fund raising of long-term sustainable funds.  

We are excited to see God work through Lake Almanor Christian School.


Our Staff

Mrs. De Martimprey
Mrs. de Martimprey brings her experience and wisdom as a former LACS teacher and Children's Ministry Coordinator totaling 8 years. We are blessed to have her as our K-2 grade teacher.

Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson is an LACS Alumni and his ambition for literature and history are great strengths to our academics. His martial arts and drama background bring value to the students physical and creative sides.

Mrs. Robinson
Mrs. Robinson brings her love of children, her musical and creative talents as an aid for the 3-6 grade classroom. She has a strong desire to help children grow together as a whole.

Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Johnson joins us for her first year as our Aid for K-2 with a strength in art and helping the children in the classroom work together and grow individually.  

Mrs. Grant
Mrs. Grant continues with us for her second year as our Secretary/Registrar with ambition to serve the school anywhere possible.

Mrs. Kendrick
Mrs. Kendrick continues her passion at LACS as our retired Principal Emeritus this year.  We are so grateful for her love of upholding our Christian education foundation, warm heart for children, and continuous giving of her time!