Our History

LACS began when four home-schooling families of Lake Almanor Community Church wanted to offer a quality Christian education for their families and the community. Starting with no money and a lot of faith the effort to make this vision a reality began.

Within 6 weeks of recognizing that we needed $9,000 to purchase the entire curriculum needed the church community caught the flame in a miraculous way and pulled together close to $12,000. Just four months after the idea was born we were able to open the doors to 1st through 8th graders as “Dyer Mountain Christian School”! That very same year, the Elder Board of Lake Almanor Community Church adopted Dyer Mountain Christian School as an official ministry of the church and changed the name to “Lake Almanor Christian School” to reflect that pivotal decision.

By the following September, God provided the resources to open the school to 27 full-time students.  Each year God has continued to meet the school’s needs!